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In Japan, music is a very important aspect of the culture in people’s everyday life. Many people listen to J-Pop and J-Rock on their way to school or work on a daily basis. Others enjoy attending live concerts or presentations of traditional musical instruments such as the shamisen or koto. There is also a huge idol industry and fans visit concert halls on a daily basis to support their favorite member (oshi-men / 推しメン). Let’s not forget the number of live shows that are organized everyday by underdog bands who are waiting for the day they will be recognized.


J-ON is the name of the musical project JSAM organizes throughout the year. Its goal is to promote Japanese music, one of the hidden gems of Japanese culture, across Montreal. In January 2019, JSAM organized the first edition of the J-ON concert which was a huge success having the venue fully booked. Right now, there is no public events that are available to the public but stay tuned, because information about new events will be posted very soon!


J-ON Concert

Due to logistic reasons, we had to take the decision to cancel the planning on J-ON 2020. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, we are working hard for the preparation of the 2021 edition!

Other activities

Coming soon…